Thursday, September 14, 2006

Website suggestions from customers

"It would be great if there was some service that guided people to read books similiar to the one they just read. Something like they have on Amazon. Those who purchased "__________" also purchased "_____________". I use that feature on Amazon often to determine the next book I will read.
Comments: I am very impressed with the services that are on the web site. I am an MLIS student and I have been able to get a lot of information for projects directly from the WEb site."

"Can you provide something "like the Harris County Library website with a webpage feauturing newly purchased/arrived books, DVDs, etc.? Or a "storefront" showing lists of what CDs, DVDs, or books you have?"

"I am interested in available family history material. Our library is great, but I hope they will be able to do great things with the recent funds left by the geneologist! The ladies in the Geneology Dept. do a good job and are able to help a lot of researchers from the sources and materials our library offer!"

"look at books online"

"look at internet data according to address"

" talk to other libraries by computer"

"see weather reports online"

"volunteer work to assist in broadening your work skills"

"I would like to have a teensite added!!!"

"The calendar of events needs to be a little more in advance"

"Since the Ann Arbor District Library was recently selected by the ALA as the best library Website in the nation ( see their site at: ) I asked them for some information about their site. I've copied below the response from their Tech Manager. I don't know if we can apply anything he's said to our site, but maybe the information will be helpful to someone:
Paul, thanks for your interest. Our website was developed by an in-house team, and the graphics and stylesheets were developed by Skidmore Studio, a graphic design firm. Most of the code was developed 'by hand'. Our website is powered by Drupal (, the awesome open-source CMS, and most of the website services are custom drupal modules. If you have the geeks to do it, you might consider drupal or a similar CMS. Once implemented, it takes all the code and editing out of content creation and allows your contributors to focus on the content.
Thanks again for your interest, and let me know if you have any further questions.
Eli NeiburgerAADL Tech Manager"

"The Home page could be redesigned to be easier to read - perhaps large buttons to search the catalog. This could be helpful for people without much internet experience"

"It would be nice to have different areas on the website just like in the physical library. Like a media library, book library, etc.. That way you can find what you're looking for quicker."

"The green font of the website is diffcult to read.

"NOT have every link on the homepage open a new window. It's highly atypical web behavior and really annoying."

"One thing that I couldn't figure out how to do, was to cancel an ILL request that I had made?? I ended up sending an e-mail to the library in hopes they would be able to cancel it for me? Did I over look something that I could have done this myself?"

" You need a logon on your home page. It's a pain to have to drill down before it asks you"

"Exactly where would I go to request that the libary purchase some DVD's?"

"The home page is rather plain and bland. There are no photos/graphics other than the library logo. The light green and blue coloring should be changed to something a little more bold and easier to read."


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